Caring for your Henna

Your  HENNA design can last 5 days to a month depending on your skin type and location of the design. For the best results, paste must remain on the skin, warm, for at least two hours at a minimum!! The longer it remains, the darker your design will become. The average is 5 days to a week.  For overnight preservation, wrap the paste with tissue paper and gently mist it with lemon juice, water, hair spray and tape it in place.

Remove the paste by rubbing it with oil (jojoba, olive, coconut, or baby) Apply an oil based lotion to the finished design. It will appear orange in color at first--over the next 48 hours it will darken considerably and reach its peak color.

Avoid washing your Henna the first day, if possible.

Before showering, apply heavy lotion (Shea or Vaseline), pat dry over the design- do not rub-

Avoid swimming pools. Chlorinated water will remove your henna design quickly!

To care for your design, gently apply an oil/lotion after each wash, shower, or if you tend to have dry skin - apply oil/lotion often (shea butter, coconut butter, wheat germ oil, olive oil, etc...all good).

Henna Removal Instructions

To speed the removal of a henna design, EXFOLIATION is the key. Use salt or sugar scrubs and rub the area. However, be careful to not rub so hard that it creates an irritation.